Nourish to Flourish

Nourish to Flourish

Posted by Peter Heimuller on Nov 9th 2021

As the colder weather is settling in and we are getting less exercise and healthy sunlight, our body's immune system will naturally have more trouble responding to stress...

Supply chain issues, inflation...yech.

So what can we do to rev up our little body's?

You can boost your immune system with these inexpensive and nourishing foodstuffs. What we eat has a HUGE effect on how we feel. I've put together a little guide to help:

Do a little research to find some novel things to eat and drink that are a little bitter, or spicy. Try some new recipes with foods that have different colors and flavors. Our bodies need a little nudge now and again and introducing some fun tastes is a great way to encourage your body to adapt to its environment.

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