Deep Tissue Massage


Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries.


If your body is sore from long hours at the computer or after a hard work out-you need a deep tissue massage.


Deep tissue massage does not need to hurt!

Deep tissue massage means just what it sounds like-it’s deeper than a relaxation massage you may have had in a spa. But, deep tissue massage does not need to be painful or uncomfortable. We will work together to find the pressure that is just right for you.


It feels great.

I have provided more deep tissue massages than any other type of massage I offer; because it is the most effective technique I know to address pain patterns in the body. Deep tissue massage can be extremely relaxing and will help your body return to a healthy state that will help prevent injury and increase recovery time.


Works wonders for me…

I get a 90-minute deep tissue massage at least once a month to relieve muscle tension in my back, neck, shoulders, hips and feet. Regular deep tissue massage also helps me sleep more soundly and bounce back from the daily grind so I can be my best. It is literally my favorite thing in the world!



I incorporate assistive/passive stretching into every deep tissue massage I give. Why? Muscles need the ability to contract and relax in optimal measures for them to perform at their peak. Deep tissue massage breaks up scar tissue, adhesions and other problems that are holding you back, and stretching your muscles directly afterwards helps your body integrate your new found mobility.


Better than a massage gun.

Getting a terrific massage from a trained massage therapist with a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology has many distinct advantages. I can recognize your pain/strain patterns and will give you the perfect massage to directly address your symptoms. And I will give you specific exercises to maximize the positive effects of your massage. Better still-receiving a deep tissue massage from a real human releases oxytocin-a neurotransmitter associated with decreased pain levels and increased feelings of well-being.


Ready to try the benefits of deep tissue massage?

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