Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal Massage Near Danbury, CT
This relaxing massage focuses on addressing the special needs of moms-to-be. Our professional massage therapist knows which type of massage works best for pregnant women. Comforting pillows and a gentle soft tissue massage will take your cares away and allow you to relax fully.

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When purchasing a mommy massage for your favorite new mom, it is recommended that massages are not delivered in the first trimester.
The Benefits of Prenatal Massage
The nine months of pregnancy are extremely tense! And research shows that stress can lead to high blood pressure which is not good for your baby. A mommy massage will help reduce stress and relieve the tension.

A relaxing massage can alleviate the aches and pains associated with the mother's changing body. As you grow, your body creates new pressure points that lead to nerve pain and joint pain.

It can also improve blood flow which, according Massage Magazine, provides "more oxygen and nutrients to both mother and fetus and stimulates the lymph system, thereby increasing immunity and removal of toxins." This can also prevent the formation of blood clots.

Alleviating these pains and stressers not only feels good, but it can also lead to an improved delivery!
Hiring a Massage Professional
Not all massages are created equal and this is especially important to know when you are pregnant. For one thing, you'll be lying on your side because you can't lie on your belly! And it is imperative to avoid massaging certain pressure points (primarily in the feet) which can induce premature labor.

That's why it is imperative that you put your trust in the hands of a professional!