Indian Head Massage

An Indian Head Massage is a deeply relaxing treatment for your face, head, neck and shoulders. I use a combination of soft and therapeutic massage techniques to open your pores so your skin can glow and feel great! A freshly blended massage oil is made just for your sessionand includes my signature blend of fractionated coconut oil with tamanu and rose hip seed oil. These two imported oils will help nourish and hydrate your skin to help you look and feel your best. You also get your choice of essential oils to enhance your treatment for a truly unique relaxation experience. Your essential oil selection will generally fall into several categories: citrus-like orange blossom, woodsy-like frankincense, herbs-like rosemary, flowers-like lavender, or deeply soothing-like vanilla. 

This one of kind massage session will:

- Improve the blood circulation in your head, neck and shoulders.


-Relieve eye strain issues.


 -Improve blood circulation.

- Enhance your sense of well-being.

- Promote clear thinking for mental and emotional balance.

- Infuse your senses while conditioning the hair and promoting follicle growth.

 Indian Head Massage does not require you to undress, just wear comfortable clothing and relax.

When work or family life have you feeling stressed, try an Indian Head Massage at Cloud 9. Your body will thank you!