How to use your health insurance to pay for your therapeutic massage.

How to use your health insurance to pay for your therapeutic massage.

Posted by Peter Heimuller L.M.T on Oct 10th 2021

"Can I use my insurance to pay for my massage?"

I get asked this question, all the time.

And the answer is "Yes, you can!" However, there are a few details we will need to cover before you can use your insurance to pay for your massage.

1st. Ask your insurance company if they will pay for or reimburse you for massage. Some insurance companies may require that you get an Rx to substantiate your need for a massage.

2nd. Ask your health care provider, such as your M.D, P.T or D.C if they will write you a script for massage.

Sometimes, insurance companies will require a code to be used by me when I submit forms. Some of the codes I have used with success are:

  • CPT Code 97124 Massage Therapy
  • CPT Code 97140 Manual Therapy
  • CPT Code 97112 Neuromuscular Re-education
  • CPT Codes 97010 Hot/Cold Packs
  • CPT Codes 97110 Therapeutic Exercise
When I submit the appropriate code with your Rx, I will also include a report of findings, otherwise known as SOAP notes in massage nomenclature. SOAP is an acronym and it stands for:

Subjective: is what you told me about your present health concerns-any aches and pain, loss of function, tight muscles, etc, and how you hope massage will alleviate these conditions.

Objective: is what did I see and hear when you were explaining to me your health concerns. Are you eating healthy? Stressed? Getting enough sleep? Are there any deviations in your gate as you walk? Are your shoulders up by your ears? Is your posture normal?

Assessment: What did your tissues feel like while I was massaging them? Did your muscles feel inflamed? Are your joints providing a full range-of motion? Is your breathing deep and strong? Is one hip higher than the other?

Plan: What I plan to do as you progress to more optimal health. What specific muscle groups do we need to focus on in your next session? Which exercises would be most beneficial for you to perform before your next massage, so you can get the best results possible?

I will do most of the paperwork for you and then submit my SOAP notes and billing to your insurance company for review.

And I will work with your healthcare provider for guidance on how to give you the most effective massage session I can.

If you have any questions about using your insurance to cover your massage, or what to ask your healthcare provider or insurance company, please reach out, I am here to help.

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