Father's Day Massage Special

Father's Day Massage Special

Posted by Peter A Heimuller on Jun 13th 2022

Give Dad the relief he needs this Father's Day, purchase a ninety minute deep tissue massage for Dad with an extra focus on his hips and shoulders.

The deep hip muscles are often overlooked in traditional massages. As are many of the attachments of the shoulders. One way to access these muscle groups on a deeper level is through sidelying massage.

Just like for my Mom to be/pre-natal massage, for this bodywork session Dad will lie on his side for a time so I can properly access and relieve his deep strain/sprain patterns.

Most of us have never had our muscle origins or attachments properly massaged. I love to do this deeper & more focused work and this massage will improve Dad's range of motion in these structures so he can move more freely.

One Gift Certificate Per Order, Please.

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